Rajesh Danda, the producer of Bachalamalli making a film with big hero

Rajesh Danda started his career as a distributor and became a producer by establishing the comedy movies banner. He said that Allari Naresh and Sandeep Kishan had a good association while he was a distributor. He said that the producer has the flexibility to choose the desired story. Currently 4 films are going to be made under this banner. On the occasion of Rajesh Danda’s birthday on April 19, he participated in a media conference.

Started as a distributor withSwamy Rara film and released about 82 films. Worked as a co-producer for the films Okka Kshama and Naandi. Traveling with Anil Sunkara, he produced films like Ooru Peru Bhairava Kona and Samaja VaraGamana. As they became a hit, he said that he has prepared some more movies as a birthday gift. Naandhi movie is my genre movie. is also my genre movie. He said that it would be a pleasure to share my favorite stories with people.Bachalamalli movie is a story of 90s. It is very interesting. According to the story, we are shooting in villages around Annavaram and Tuni to shoot in natural locations. The film will be completed in a single schedule from May 10.

My policy is to go with the new point. He said that he was able to make films like Bhairava Kona, Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam and Samajavaragamana with such stories. He likes commercial and action movies. There is a song in Bairava Kona.We thought it would bring it to the theater. And so it happened. Today regular movies do not get much audience. But if it is different, they will surely come. Maredumalli. While on the shoot, I heard the story of Bacchala Malli. Similarly, when we were shooting for Samajavaragamana, we thought of Kiran Abbavaram. Rajesh Danda said that Trinath’s movie came in all of a sudden.

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