‘Raja Saab’ A Visual Wonder

‘Raja Saab’ which is being made under the direction of Maruthi is one of Prabhas movies list. After the release of ‘Kalki’, this is Prabhas’ next film for the audience. This movie, which is being produced by People Media Factory, has already completed half of the shooting. Soon they will return and complete the rest of the film.

And.. there was a rumour that director Maruthi is making the film ‘Raja Saab’ with a horror comedy like his previous film ‘Premakatha Chitram’. Even if the concept is like that, the budget and look of this movie are going to be at a high level. Director Maruti has designed ‘Raja Saab’ to provide a never before visual treat in a pan-world range as per the image of Prabhas.
Visual effects are very important in this movie. Especially.. Maruthi is taking a lot of time for VFX. Producer TG Vishwaprasad said the same thing in the latest. Overall.. After ‘Salaar’, Prabhas’ upcoming films ‘Kalki, Raja Saab’ are also going to come without any reduction in terms of budget and quality.

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