Actress Holding A Megaphone

There are many instances where the heroines who shine on the silver screen hold the megaphone behind the scenes and take on the responsibilities of directing. People like Bhanumathi, Savitri, Vijaya Nirmala have also made their mark as directors. And now, the trend of lady directors is going strong. The latest is a young actress holding the megaphone. Her name is Sanjana Anne.

Sanjana Anne, who acted as a heroine in many movies, has recently taken up the directorial duties. The shooting of this film, which is going to be made in the lead roles of Siri Chaudhary, Pink Pak Surya, Jabardast Abhi and Bharat, has already started. Sagar Udagandla is working as an editor for this movie, which Babu Kollabatula is providing cinematography. Written and directed by Sanjana Anne.

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