‘Pushpa 2’ Album Is Going Crazy!

Exclusively some music directors are dedicated to genius directors like Keeravani for director Rajamouli and Devisri Prasad for creative genius Sukumar. From his debut film ‘Arya’ to now ‘Pushpa 2’, Devisri has been the music director for every film of Sukumar. The combo of both of them is working out.

Along with Sukumar and Devisri, the album would have been an all time chart buster if icon star Allu Arjun was also present. These three have already proved this in ‘Arya, Arya 2, Pushpa 1’. Now they are gearing up to mesmerize the audience with their songs once again for ‘Pushpa 2’.

For the teaser which is being released on April 8 as Bunny’s birthday special.. Rock star Devisri Prasad wonderfully composed the B.G.M. Latest Allu Arjun, Sukumar.. Devi Sriprasad met in the studio for that teaser. Also.. the musical sessions related to the songs of ‘Pushpa 2’ are also going on in full swing. And.. it has to be seen whether the ‘Pushpa 2’ album will be accepted in a way beyond ‘Pushpa 1’.

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