Nata Prapurna Mohan Babu Biography

Mohan Babu is one of India’s Best actors. Mohan Babu has been entertaining the audience with many unique roles for almost five decades. Even though he started his career as a hero… as a main villain, as a comedy villain, as a character artist… there is no role that Mohan Babu has not done. Apart from social movies, Mohan Babu has the honor of being popular in all genres like historical, folk lore, mythological etc.

Mohan Babu was born on March 19, 1952 in Modugulapalem near Tirupati. Real name is Bhaktavatsalam Naidu. Middle class family. He joined a small job to share the family responsibilities. From there he took steps towards industry.First he joined as Assistant Director. Many people who saw his attire and personality encouraged him to act. Starting with small roles, Mohan Babu became a big empire.

Before Dasari’s introduction, he acted in some non-prominent roles. Produced by Dasari, ‘Swargam Narakam’ was Mohan Babu’s first major role. It became a super hit and he got good recognition. Even later Dasari garu encouraged Mohan Babu well. That is why Mohan Babu always addresses him as Guru.. and shows his devotion. Mohan Babu’s acting is unparalleled in most of the movies that came out in their combination.

It is Mohan Babu’s own talent to make the hero and the villain seem like a swashbuckler by using words. Manchu is his family name. His word is rough but heart is butter. That’s why Mohan Babu’s words sometimes seem offensive, but if you watch them often, you will definitely appreciate them. It can be thought that this disciplined nature is what separates Mohan Babu from all the actors of his generation.

At one stage, Mohan Babu faced some competition in terms of roles. Also, there is an intimation that he is not getting roles that are not suitable for his talent.. In addition to this, he is confident that he can excel as a hero. But there was no producer who would make a film with him as the hero. Mohan Babu became a producer himself to prove his talent. He established Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures in the name of his daughter in 1982 under the hands of NT Rama Rao, whom he calls Anna. Pratignya is the first film under this banner.As it became a super hit, he decided to continue as a hero.
In the same year, ‘Patnam Vachina Pathivrathalu, Billa Ranga’, which he did with Chiranjeevi, was also a super hit.. It showed the audience the hero angle of Mohan Babu. With this, he got recognition not only as an actor, but also as a passionate producer.

He also proved himself as a producer by making successful films like ‘Dharmaporatam, Padmavyuham, Bhaleramudu, Ragile Gundelu, Yedadugala Bandham, Naa Mogudu Naake Sontham’ under his own banner. But until then, the villainy angle of Mohan Babu made it difficult to accept him as a big hero somewhere.. But he continued his journey without giving up his own style and believing that he is a big hero.

He became a hero after becoming a producer.. while being a hero, he also became a villain.. However, Mohan Babu was a star hero for some people. The movie ‘Alludugaru’ made those doubts clear. Mohan Babu joined the list of star heroes with this movie directed by Raghavendra Rao. The magic of Raghavendra’s narration along with the excellent acting made this movie a resounding success. After that, he hit consecutive blockbusters and became Tollywood’s new collection king.

Director B. Gopal has used Mohan Babu’s dynamism and dialogue power to the next level. While showing the comic angle, Mohan Babu did a wonderful role as Mas as a dynamic hero.. It has become a landmark movie in his career. That is ‘Assembly Rowdy’. If we talk about Mohan Babu, the mention is never complete without ‘Assembly Rowdy’.Especially the dialogues spoken by Mohan Babu adding his own mannerism to the words of Paruchuri brothers made the theaters tremble in those days.

In the same year, another blockbuster ‘Rowdigari Pellam’ followed by ‘Brahma’ was a super hit. In a way, we see very few heroes who have built a career as a producer and reached that level. Even if they appear, they will all be after Mohan Babu.

Not only in Mohan Babu’s career, but another film that is special in Tollywood is ‘Major Chandrakanth’. This is a movie made with NTR in the lead role. The success of this film, made at a time when NTR was facing political difficulties, mesmerized Tollywood. Directed by Raghavendra Rao, Major Chandrakanth ran for 175 days in many centres. Another feature is that this is the last blockbuster for Anna Garu.

But after facing some flops in the middle, they came back in form with ‘Pedaraayudu’. Later, Adavilo Anna and Collector hit a series of hits in his account . But the new generation of heroes has already started to emerge. Some changes have taken place in the industry as well. Due to this, the career of Mohanbabu, who is actually a late hero, has suffered a bit. That is why Pedaraayudu is the last biggest blockbuster in his career. No matter how many movies are hit in between, no success has come so far.

Sometimes he also acted.. Sometimes he appeared in his films.. At one stage they were also troubled by consecutive defeats. But he who came from the bottom knows how to rise again. That’s why with a bit of patience, all the work was set and the two sons were settled. At that time, Puri Jagannath and Rajamouli’s films ‘Bujjiigadu, Yamadonga’ took a new turn and shocked the audience.
Mohan Babu has done some films in these two decades like Maestri, Jhummandi Naadham, Rowdy, Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummedha, Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu, Gayatri, Son of India. But.. none of them achieved huge success. Currently, he is playing a key role in his son’s prestigious project ‘Kannappa’.

Mohan Babu is an actor who is committed to not giving up on discipline no matter how much trouble it brings. He has played many roles on the silver screen and has given many great films as a producer. This collection king, who has acted in five hundred movies, has also received unquestionable success as a producer.

Mohan Babu’s talent is not measured by hits and flops. His talent as an actor is peak. He has the acting ability to take any role to the next level. But it must be said that the Telugu film industry is not using his talent. Or because of the lack of discipline of his level, he has gone away from this collection king. But.. Mohan Babu’s level of roles are not seen in most of the movies that are coming today. In a way it also represents the level of Telugu cinema.

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