N.Shankar mega historical web series..

N. Shankar, who proved himself as a director with the film ‘Encounter’, then gained a good name as a commercial director with films like ‘Sriramulayya, Jayam Manadera, Ayudham, Bhadrachalam, Jai Bolo Telangana’. Shankar, who has been away from directing for several years, is now coming to greet the audience with three web series at once. It is remarkable that all three are going to be made in the historical backdrop.Under the banner of ‘N.Shankar TV and Film Studio’, Shankar will be the producer and director of these web series.

He is working on his first web series from the Telangana armed struggle to the formation of Telangana state. The people are the soldiers in Telangana’s armed struggle
This web series will show the situations in which war had to be fought, the attacks on the common people in the feudal system, especially the resistance of women in the Telangana movement. The shooting of this series will start from October.

N.Shankar is going to start his second web series inspired by Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule.
His experiences, incidents and conflicts in his life.. What insults he faced for teaching poor and women and also will show the sacrifices by
him in the web series.

The third web series to be made under the supervision of N. Shankar as producer and director is the story of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. This web series revolves around the great constitutional inspiration Ambedkar gave to this country, the marginalized people and the oppressed classes, the sufferings he experienced in his personal life, and the conflicts that took place between him to become a system from a person. Overall.. these three web series will be brought in Telugu and Hindi languages.

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