Multitalented Actor Shivaji Biography

There are millions of people who dream to shine in the film industry. But.. there are some who cross all the pros and cons and earn a special place for themselves in the colorful world. Typical actor Shivaji is one of such. Sivaji, who started his reign on the silver screen and has done over a hundred films as a hero and character actor on the silver screen, is now plowing the digital world as well.

Shivaji’s life has seen many twists and turns in his life, starting from being a barefooter and now becoming a unique actor in the minds of the Telugu audience. A lot of hard work is hidden. Shivaji was born on June 30, 1971 at Vinukonda in Palnadu region. Born in a middle class family, Shivaji used to go to school barefoot till class 8. Shivaji says that his father bought him sandals when he went to study in NarasaRaopet in the ninth standard.

Shivaji who came to Hyderabad after completing his degree, first started his presence on television as a commentator. That’s how the film caught the attention of Shivaji and got small offers on the silver screen. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Master’ should be mentioned among them. He acted as a student in this movie and got good recognition. After that, movies like ‘Sri Sitaramula Kalyanamu Chuthamu Rarandi, Premante Idheera, Yuvaraju, Khushi’ brought Shivaji recognition as a character actor.

While working as a character actor , he also dubbed for the young protagonists of that time. The list includes people like Nitihn, Aryan Rajesh, Yasho Sagar. Sivaji himself dubbed for Nithin’s movies ‘Jayam, Dil’. He also received the Nandi Award as the best dubbing artist for the movie ‘Dil’.

While growing up as a character actor, he got offers to act as a hero. Shivaji acted as a hero in about 60 films. Among these are good hits like ‘Missamma, Girl is good, Mr and Mrs Shailaja Krishnamurthy, I will tell you in a little touch, Laila in the middle of Tata Birla, Adirindaya Chandram, Satyabhama’. At the same time as a hero, he produced the film ‘Taj Mahal’ as a producer.

However.. Shivaji came out for common Andhra Pradesh cause when his career was going smoothly. He strongly voiced his argument that there should be a united Andhra Pradesh. He went away from films at that time. Shivaji wanted to do that, but he didn’t get opportunities from movies.

After a long gap, Shivaji made a grand re-entry with ’90s.. A Middle Class Biopic’. In a way, this is the second innings for Shivaji. Shivaji played the role of Chandra Shekhar as a father in this series. Shivaji, who is currently acting as a hero in two or three films, is going to play a villain in a film starring Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar in the lead role.

Overall.. Shivaji’s life who started from a bare footed condition and then became financially well with good planning is an ideal for many. And.. we have to see what other roles will come from Shivaji in the second innings.

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