‘Mirai’ Story Of Ashoka Period

Young hero Teja Sajja became a new star with the movie ‘Hanuman’. ‘Hanuman’ was a resounding success at the pan India level. Now he is choosing his next films in a way that is not inferior to ‘Hanuman’. The film ‘Mirai’ is being made this year. Somehow this project was set before the release of ‘Hanuman’.Along with the announcement, the team has released a glimpse of this movie, which is being made under the direction of Karthik Ghattamaneni under the production of People Media Factory. Glimpses of this story, which dates back to Ashoka’s time, are very impressive.

‘Samrat Ashok..His Kalinga war, which remains a stain in history..A God’s secret that has seen the light from that repentance..The immense knowledge of the nine scriptures that deify man..The appointment of nine warriors to protect them for generations..An eclipse approaching such knowledge..then Hero Teja Sajja’s entry is good with a dialogue said by a monk saying, ‘A birth that saves the eclipse. It was shot for 20 days for these glimpses.It can be said that these glimpses are filled with periodic background visuals and some war episodes.
There is a rumor that a hero is going to act as a villain in this movie where Ritika Nair is acting opposite Teja Sajja. Soon.. there will be clarity on the villain role in this movie. The film is slated to release on April 18, 2025. More details will be revealed soon regarding this Pan India movie coming with the tag line ‘Mirai’ – The Super Yodha.

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