Malayali superstar in ‘Kantara’ prequel?

The film ‘Kantara’, which was made with a budget of only Rs.16 crores, collected more than Rs.400 crores worldwide. Kantara, which was first released in Kannada, then translated into Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. Everything from the concept of ‘Kantara’ movie has become a sensation. Rishabh Shetty’s performance in this movie is very well known. Especially.. Rishabh showed his acting talent in the last 20 minutes. But.. the audience has already seen only ‘Kantara 2’.Now Rishabh Shetty is directing the prequel to ‘Kantara’. The film is being made with the name ‘Kantara A Legend Chapter 1’.

Rishabh Shetty is giving pan India touch to this movie which is being made by Hombale Films with a huge budget. As a part of that, Malayali superstar Mohanlal is partnering in this project. Latest pictures of Rishabh Shetty and Mohanlal are trending on social media. Also.. he is thinking of taking some top stars from Telugu and Tamil languages ​​also in this movie. Ajanish Loknath is also acting as the music director for the prequel of ‘Kantara’.

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