‘Love Me’ Postponed For A Month

Due to the impact of the election, the postponement of Telugu movies continues. ‘Prathinidhi 2’ which was supposed to release on April 25 has already been postponed. However, there is a rumor that ‘Prathinidhi 2’ has been postponed because the censor programs have not been completed. The latest movie ‘Love Me’ from Dil Raju Productions has also been postponed. The film ‘Love Me’ which is slated to release on April 25 will hit the theaters on May 25.

‘Love Me’ is a ghost love story coming from Dil Raju’s compound, which mostly offers family entertainers. The tag line of this movie is ‘If You Dare’. Arun Bhimavarapu is the director of this movie starring Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. Star producer Dil Raju is confident that ‘Love Me’, which has a diverse plot, will provide a different experience to the audience. And.. Vaishnavi Chaitanya, who got a blockbuster with ‘Baby’, will share her luck with Ashish with ‘Love Me’.

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