Biography of Beautiful Actress Jayaprada

Her beauty is envy-inducing. She has the accolade of ‘Most Beautiful Face on the Indian Screen’. Starting from the Telugu film industry, Jayaprada is that beautiful heroine who shook the north. April 3, Jayaprada’s birthday. On this occasion, let’s recall Jayaprada’s performance in Chitra Seema.

Many actors want to become a doctor and become an actor. Same with Jayaprada. Jayaprada, who dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood, became an actor. Jayaprada was born on 3rd April 1962 in Rajahmundry. At an early age, he was trained in music and dance with the encouragement of her parents. Once impressed by Jayaprada’s dance performance at a school anniversary, famous actor Prabhakar Reddy gave a small role in the film ‘Bhoomikosam’. Jayaprada’s career as an actor continued unabated after that.

After the movie ‘Bhoomikosam’, Balachander’s ‘Anthuleni Katha’ and Bapu’s ‘Sitakalyanam’ brought Jayaprada into the limelight as an actress. Director Satyajit Ray appreciated her as ‘Most Beautiful Face of Indian Cinema’ . In Bapugari ‘Sitakalyanam’, Jayaprada has a wonderful grace. The delicate beauty of her skin shines brightly. Sita’s way of expressing feelings with her eyes is admirable.
The film that unveiled the beautiful actress in Jayaprada before the audience was undoubtedly ‘Sirisirimuvve’. Jayaprada has beautifully conveyed the anguish of a mute girl devoted to the art of dance. Jayaprada’s performance in the songs is so delightful. Especially in the song Godaralle…Vennela Godaralle, the magic of her grace is understood. Jayaprada learned dance at a very young age. That’s why the expressions on her face are amazing.Jayaprada has given a good performance even in a psychologically troubled role. In fact Jayaprada’s role in ‘Bhadrakali’ was beyond her age.
At that time Jayaprada made her debut where Jayasudha was trying to establish herself as a heroine. While Jayaprada was making an entry, she took chances against the star heroes. Jayaprada looks most glamorous in ‘Adaviramudu’ in the role of a mischievous girl who grows up to understand problems. The movie where Raghavendra Rao showed his mark in the taking of songs was ‘Adavi Ramudu’. Raghavendra Rao’s ‘Adavi Ramadu’ and ‘Yamagola’ directed by Tatineni Rama Rao brought commercial image to Jayaprada, ‘Sirisirimuvva’ directed by K.Vishwanath took her a step further as an actress.

Jayaprada will be seen in glamorous and responsible roles in Balachander’s ‘Anthulenikatha, Manmadhaleela’. Unlike these, she acted in the role of a young woman who is close to death. The name of the movie is Beautiful Experience, which is ‘Kaalam naa Thaalam Kanumoosthe Shoonyam . The Jayapradhe we know…looks very new in this film.

Jayaprada is a special favorite of Kalathapasvi K. Vishwanath. He used to do what he wanted and show it. Jayaprada played according to the wish of Viswanath. That’s why producer Edida insisted that Jayasudha to play Madhavi’s role in Saagara Sangamam… But Vishwanath did not agreed for that role.

Beautiful Jayaprada is known for his acting in social films but also in mythological, folk and historical films. Actress Jayaprada who received the appreciation of everyone for her beauty regardless of class mass. She knows how to act in any role. Jayaprada acted with almost all the top heroes of the time in Telugu. Especially the NTR-Jayaprada combination received a lot of attention from the mass audience.

Jayaprada’s role in ‘Meghasandesham’, which she acted with ANR, was very special. Her performance as Nageswara Rao’s girlfriend in this film is worth mentioning. In Jayaprada’s career, he played a unique role in the film ‘Meghasandesham’. In many lives there is a situation in which everyone is left alone when the famine is rare. When that thirst-quenching man appears, the mind runs wildly.

Jayaprada acted in many films with hero Krishna. Movies like ‘Uriki Monagadu’, ‘Mundadugu’ and ‘Simhasanam’ became super hits in their combination. And.. Jayaprada’s separate chemistry with Shobhan Babu. Hit films like ‘Swayamvaram’ and ‘Devatha’ came out in the combination of both of them. Also.. Jayaprada acted in films like ‘Tandra Paparayudu’, ‘Rangoon Rowdy’, ‘Sitaramulu’ with Krishnamraj, ’47 Days’ with Chiranjeevi, ‘Veta’, ‘Sagara Sangam’ with Kamal Haasan.

Jayaprada is one of the leading actresses who moved to north from the Telugu film industry and succeed there. Jayaprada entered the Hindi film industry with the film ‘Sargam’. ‘Sargam’ is a remake of ‘Sirisirimuvva’ which came out in Telugu. After that, she acted with leading actors like Amitabh, Jitendra and Dharmendra and impressed the audience with her beauty and acting even in the North.Jayaprada enthralled the audience with her performance in almost eight languages. Apart from movies, She also left his mark in politics. Even though he has been trying for a second innings for years.. Even if he has been a bit behind due to not getting the right roles.. Jayaprada will always remain in the hearts of the Telugu audience with her own charisma

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