High Court gives green signal to ‘Rajadhani Files’ film

AP High Court has given green signal for the release of the movie ‘Rajadhani Files’. The court made it clear that the Censor Board Revising Committee issued the certificate after examining all the certificates. While the movie ‘Rajadhani Files’ was released on 15th of this month, the screening of the film was stopped midway due to the stay of the High Court till today (February 16). The court ordered the film crew to hand over the complete records related to the film.According to the orders of the High Court, the directors of the film have submitted the Censor Board certificate and all the supporting documents to the court today. The High Court ruled that everything is in order and there is no objection to the release of the film.

The real thing is that this movie was made to tarnish the image of CM Jagan. On December 18 last year, YSRCP State General Secretary Lella Appireddy filed a lawsuit in the High Court to cancel the certificate issued by CBFC. The court held a hearing on the 13th of this month and issued an interim order on February 15 temporarily suspending the screening of the film. Today (February 16) the investigation was conducted and the release of the film was agreed.Kantamaneni Ravi Shankar produced this film directed by Bhanu in the backdrop of the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Senior actors Vinod Kumar and Vani Vishwanath played key roles in this film. The film crew breathed a sigh of relief with the High Court order. Currently, the film ‘Rajadhani Files’ is buzzing in theatres.

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