Handsome Hero Srikanth Biography

Acting for more than three decades. The way he entertained as a protagonist for two decades. It is handsome hero Srikanth’s movie journey. March 23, Srikanth’s birthday.

It’s too difficult to succeed in the film industry without any film background. Also, it is not a small thing for any actor to act in a hundred films.. but.. to get introduced to very small roles.. to impress as a villain.. and then excel as a hero.. to score a century in many challenging roles by feeling good.

Like all the boys in those days, Srikanth was fixated on becoming a film actor from an early age after seeing Chiranjeevi’s dances. After graduation he came to Hyderabad and joined Madhu Film Institute. After completing the training, while trying to find opportunities, the director Mohan Gandhi choose Srikanth when he came to know that he wanted 15 new people in the film being produced by Ushakiran Movie. That’s how he got introduced to the silver screen with the movie ‘People’s Encounter’.

Soon after getting an opportunity to act as a hero in ‘Maduranagarilo’, he waited to see if there would be opportunities as a hero after that too, but he didn’t get enough role as a hero. At the same time he acted in the movie ‘Varasudu’ after E.V.V.Satyanarayana asked him to play the villain role. After that he acted as a villain in about 13 movies. He tried to prove himself as an actor with every role.

Finally, he was promoted as a hero again with the film ‘One by Two’. One by two did not give a big break as a hero. But gave confidence. After that, ‘Taj Mahal’ was a great success and established Srikanth as a hero. He did a few films before ‘Taj Mahal’ but they did not achieve much success. With this, Srikanth’s first hit as a hero should be called ‘Taj Mahal’. But ‘Aame’ film with Ooha brought her into his life after that.

It is more important to make the achievements memorable than the achievements in the industry. It means irreversible break. Although it took some time to come, Raghavendra Rao established Srikanth as a hero. A big break for Srikanth’s career with the wedding buzz.After the super hit ‘Pelli Sandhadi’, Srikanth went on to do family oriented subjects.

On the other hand, even though heroes like Jagapathi Babu are competition, he has shown himself to be unique. Especially directors like E.V.V. Satyanarayana and SV Krishna Reddy encouraged Srikanth very well. Many of the films released in their combination were successful and the audience was crazy about this combination.

Srikanth also grew up as a lover boy as a family hero.. ‘Egire Paavurama’ directed by SV Krishna Reddy brought more fans to Srikanth. This movie starring JD Chakravarthy became a super hit. ‘Egire Paavurama’, which was a wholesome family entertainer, took Srikanth’s career to another level.


In terms of career, he jumped with a series of successes such as Aahvaanam, Tarakaramudu, Maa Naannaku Pelli, Pandaga, Gilli Kajjaalu. Even if there are some average movies in between.. Overall, the producers are sure that Srikanth’s movie is a safe project and the audience is fixed that Srikanth’s movie is a must watch.

Srikanth, who gained recognition as a family hero, never stopped in that frame. He changed the stories depending on the trend.. sometimes he went to deny the image. Movies like ‘Ammo Okato Thaareeku’, ‘Tirumala Tirupati Venkatesha’ ,’Kshemanga Velli Laabanga Randi’, ‘Maa Aavida Meedha Ottu Mee Aavida chaalaa manchidhi’. It can be said that these are the movies that Srikanth has selected based on the respective trends. Also, one of the reasons may be the decrease in popularity of family oriented subjects.

Srikanth has done multi-starrers with his contemporaries. He also acted with upcoming heroes.. He also acted in movies of senior star heroes. It is an adventure to act with different heroes in such different films after having an image of one’s own. But Srikanth dared. That’s why he has so many different movies in his account.

After a phase of making films at a fast pace, the subjects chosen by Srikanth became monotonous. Due to this, successive flops were surrounded. He did not stop making films.. and none of the films that came out were played in theaters for a long time. ‘Deevinchandi’ ,
‘Kalisi Nadudhaam’, ‘Manasisthaara’, ‘Premasandhadi’, ‘Choosodhaam Randi’ , ‘Darling Darling’ , ‘O Chinnadhaana’ , playing and singing along with Mohan Babu’s ‘Appu Chesi Pappukoodu’ were all released in 2001.At the time of successive flops, Krishna Vamsi ‘Khadgam’ showed a new angle in Srikanth. Despite what everyone is saying, Srikanth’s performance as an aggressive police officer who has lost his girlfriend is not lost on anyone.He performed a complete serious role in a settled manner. After this movie his career will take a new turn.

After Khadgam, he again went to the routine route of comedy and family. Even if there are some successes in them.. Slowly the heroes like Srikanth have been putting brakes on the air of heroes like Srikanth. Until then, if there were four star heroes, there were heroes like Srikanth and Jagapathi Babu after them.. But as this place was also occupied by successor heroes, it was not only the stories that did not suit the image.. Openings also decreased.Hits and flops aside, Srikanth is a good artist. We have seen him as an amazing actor in many movies. Slipping of the tongue in any matter as a person has never been seen in Srikanth’s career. Even in the early days, Srikanth was uncontroversial. Every time he tried something different, the audience applauded him. ‘Khadgam’ , ‘Operation Duryodhana’, ‘Mahatma’ are perfect examples for that.

Krishnavamshi, who showed the angryness of Srikanth to the audience, has come up with another different story for his 100th film. In the movie ‘Mahatma’ , his performance is extraordinary in the role of a young man who wants to follow ‘Mahatma’ as a role model from a street bully.

After the century, instead of relaxing, he is acting as a hero in the stories that he likes and has come for him.. While doing the hero.. ‘Govindudu Andharivaadele’ Later he did a good role in ‘Sarainodu’ too. Finally, Jagapathi Babu himself entered the route. He became a villain with the movie ‘Yuddham Sharanam’. But as the movie flopped, Srikanth’s villainy did not register.

After taking a new turn as a villain, Srikanth is getting offers from other languages. Srikanth acted as the villain in the Malayalam film Villan starring Mohanlal. With ‘Akhanda’, Srikanth also found himself equal in villain roles.

Srikanth, who once again showed his strength as a hero with the movie ‘Kotabommali PS’, is currently playing key roles in NTR Devara Ram Charan’s game changer films. So let’s hope that Srikanth entertains the audience with good roles other than being a hero.

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