Baahubali’ series established the Telugu film industry at the international level.. ‘KGF’ series shook the Kannada industry at the national level. After that some Kannada movies came out inspired by ‘K.G.F ‘.
But.. they could not get the success of that range again. Upendra starrer ‘Kabja’ is one of them. The makers have designed ‘Kabja’ as if ‘KGF’ was brought down to Makki. Those copycat comments also played a vital role in the failure of ‘Kabja’.

The trailer of ‘Ghost’, made as a period drama with a huge budget, has been released. The Telugu trailer of this movie was released by the director Rajamouli. If you look at the trailer, it reminds you of ‘KGF’ trailer. “War is an irreparable wound to the human world. Such wars caused more damage than the establishment of empires. History may have forgotten many times the builder of empires. But it never forgets someone like me who creates havoc and they called me … He is Ghost ‘ the trailer starts with this dialogue and is impressive with grandeur visuals throughout.

Also, ‘History is written about those who are strong, but not a single letter is written about the one who salutes’, ‘I do not go to anyone normally.. I am not afraid of defeat.. If I go, the battlefield turns into carnage’. The dialogues are also impressive in the trailer. In the trailer, Shivanna’s makeover looks good in young and middle age looks. Talented actors Anupam Kher and Jayaram played key roles.

‘Ghost’ is getting ready for a pan India release on October 19 as a gift for Dussehra. At the same time ‘Bhagwant Kesari’, Tiger Nageswara Rao’ from Telugu, Vijay’s ‘Leo’ from Tamil and ‘Ganapath’ from Hindi are also in competition. Overall, Dussehra’s film fair at the box office was in full josh .

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