Dhanush started biopic of Maestro Ilayaraja

Ilayaraja is a name that is instantly recognizable when it comes to film music. Music director who gave many super hit songs. Still it is possible to enjoy pleasant evenings only with Ilayaraja’s songs. Pranaya, Parinaya, Viraha, Sadhagi, Utsaaha Bharitam.. Ilayaraja’s songs of any genre have spread an unforgettable melodiousness. Now the stage is set for Ilayaraja’s biopic. Star hero Dhanush is playing the main lead in Ilayaraja’s biopic.Captain Miller director Arun Madeswaran is directing this film. This movie started in Chennai. Universal hero Kamal Haasan was the chief guest. Sriram Bhaktisaran, CK Padmakumar, Varun Mathur, Ilam Parithi Gajendran and Saurabh Mishra are producing this film under the banners of Connect Media, PK Prime Production and Mercury Movies. Legendary music director Maestro Isaigyani Ilayaraja also participated in this event.

Since childhood, I used to be mesmerized by the wonderful melodious songs rendered by maestro Ilayaraja. Seeing him doing a biopic now feels like a dream come true. Unforgettable moments of my life. We say that if we wish strongly in our mind, they will come true. Life is an extraordinary thing like a tapestry woven with many unforgettable moments and experiences. They come true when we desire something strongly from our hearts.

Many find solace in his songs for a peaceful sleep. But I am immersed in the dream of portraying his extraordinary life on the silver screen,” said Dhanush. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to a true admirer of Ilayaraja, Hon’ble Kamal Haasan. It’s time to add love and artistry. Director Arun Madeswaran has taken on a great responsibility. I want him to enjoy every moment of this journey.He said that I will help him in that direction.

Arun may enjoy a film about Bharat Ratna awardee Ilayaraja. Moreover, it can be presented as a good movie. It has varied effects on many people. There will be more than ten comments for this movie. So I want the director to make the biopic of Ilayaraja, who is the pride of the music world, in his own perspective,” said Kamal Haasan.

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