DEVARA Entertaining in two parts

‘Baahubali’ started the trend of telling the same story in two parts, ‘KGF’ continued it .Now ‘Pushpa and Salar’ are also on the same path. The latest director Koratala Siva has announced that Young Tiger NTR’s ‘Devara’ movie is also going to be made in two parts.

After a super hit like ‘Janata Garage’, NTR and Koratala Siva’s combination film ‘Devara’ is being made. This movie is going to be the 30th movie in NTR’s career. The film ‘Devara’, which is jointly produced by NTR Arts and Yuvasudha Arts, was originally thought to be a single part.However, Koratala said that every scene in this film, which is being made with a huge canvas, is very wonderful and they don’t want to delete any scenes. So they decided to release DEVARA Movie in two parts .

The first part is scheduled to be released on April 5, 2024. It seems that the release date of the sequel will be announced later. The film ‘Devara’, which is being made as an intense action thriller in the background of the ocean, is being made at a pan-India level. Janhvi Kapoor is acting with NTR in this movie.Bollywood senior actor Saif Ali Khan will entertain as villain. Overall.. Young Tiger NTR is going to give a double bang with ‘Devara’.

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