Chiranjeevi’s appeal to Pithapuram reality

Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed full support to the Janasena party founded by Pawan Kalyan. Chiranjeevi donated Rs.5 crores for Janasena. Recently.. Pawan Kalyan has released a video message as his appeal to the people of Pithapuram constituency where he is contesting as MLA.

Chiranjeevi said in his video message that Pawan Kalyan is a person who thinks more about people than himself.. He spent his own earnings on tenant farmers.. He came into films by force but.. he came into politics willingly.

Chiranjeevi said that any mother’s heart breaks when her son is struggling, and any brother’s heart breaks when his younger brother is struggling. Chiru said that Pawan Kalyan will fight for the principles he believes in. Pawan Kalyan is a person who has dedicated his life to politics.

On this occasion, Pawan’s goal of public service is high. He asked the people of Pithapuram to win the people’s soldier who will fight for you while being one of you. Chiranjeevi called in his video that Pawan Kalyan will stand as your servant.. as a soldier.. as an elder brother.. The people of Pithapuram should win Pawan Kalyan and pave the way for the development of the constituency.

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