Chandrababu’s role in ‘Yatra 2’

Whenever the political heat rises, it is natural to use the film industry for their propaganda. It is common to make films with the theme of the leaders of a party and to show opposition party members in it. The film ‘Yatra 2’ is currently being made keeping in mind the political heat in Andhra Pradesh.

The movie ‘Yatra’ came out two months before the 2019 elections. Director Mahi.V.Raghav has made this film in the background of late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s paadhaytra . Now ‘Yatra 2’ is coming before the 2024 elections. ‘Yatra 2’ is being made based on the political events that took place in Andhra Pradesh from 2009 to 2019. Mammootty, who appeared as Rajasekhar Reddy in the movie ‘Yatra’, will entertain in the same role in the sequel.Jagan role is played by Tamil actor Jeeva. But there is another main character in ‘Yatra 2’ is Chandrababu Naidu.

Chandrababu’s role in ‘Yatra 2’ will also have a lot of importance. Bollywood versatile actor Mahesh Manjrekar was taken for that role. The filming of scenes related to Manjrekar in ‘Yatra 2’ has already started. Mahesh Manjrekar is no stranger to Telugu movies.

He is well known to the audience here with movies like ‘Okkadunnaadu ,Adhurs ‘. Not just as an actor Mahesh Manjrekar has a good reputation as a director. On the other hand, Mahesh Manjrekar’s daughter Sai Manjrekar is busy as a heroine in Telugu.

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