Srinu Vaitla is making the sequel of ‘Venky’

Srinu Vaitla is a master of making super hit movies with his trademark comedy touch while going in the commercial way. However.. this senior director has been short of success for a few years. Srinu Vaitla, who is currently making a movie with macho star Gopichand, is working on bringing sequels to his super hit movies.

Srinu Vaitla, who has already announced the sequel of ‘Dhee’ with Vishnu, is thinking of making a sequel to Mass Maharaja’s ‘Venky’. Exactly 20 years ago, on March 26, 2004, the movie ‘Venky’ was released. Srinu Vaitla Vandi Warchina ‘Venky’ with Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan was a great success.

Especially the comedy track in the movie ‘Venky’ is the highlight. The train episode in the first episode is a heart-wrenching laugh. Now Srinu Vaitla is planning to bring the sequel of ‘Venky’ as a full length entertainer. In the latest interview, he said that the script work is going on for ‘Venky 2’. Overall.. We have to see if they will repeat the magic of ‘Venky’ on the silver screen once again with Ravi Teja-Srinuvaita.

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