Prabhas Is The Only Hero Top On Twitter

Prabhas, who became a Pan India hero with ‘Baahubali’, did not get the expected success with ‘Saaho, Radheshyam,Aadhipurush’. Although ‘Saaho’ did not fare well, ‘Radheshyam,Aadhipurush’ failed miserably. There are those who say that Prabhas has passed out on a stage. Then came ‘Salaar’. Rebel Star brought the rebellion to the audience once again.

Now Prabhas is busier than any star hero in India. ‘Kalki, Raja Saab, Spirit, Salaar 2’, Hanu Raghavapudi has half a dozen films back to back in his kitty. That’s why.. X (Twitter) is trending every day with some movie. Rebel star’s new achievements, rare combinations, record box office numbers.. In any aspect, Prabhas is jumping higher than other stars in the race.

This craze has recently appeared in the list of X(Twitter) Top Hash Tags of India. Ex(Twitter) is the only hero in the list of Top Hash Tags of India. Only Prabhas got a place in the top 10 most used hashtags in the entertainment category. Twitter India has released this list. This is a reflection of Prabhas’ stardom on social media. Rebel star fans are happy with this credit achieved by Prabhas.

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