Happy Birthday Natural Star Nani

It is not a common thing to make it in the film industry without any film background. Natural Star Nani is one of those who are showing their strength in the Telugu film industry without any legacy. The audience fell in love with Nani’s unique performance in the first movie ‘Ashtachamma‘. After that, he got success with films like ‘Ride, Ala..Modalayindhi, Pilla Zamindar‘. Perfectly suited for sidekick type roles, Nani has earned an indelible place in the minds of the audience as a natural star with his performance.

Nani reached the milestone of 25 films during a grace period of 12 years .2015, 16, 17 years are golden period for him.He has a string of hits to his credit with films like ‘Evade Subrahmanyam, Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy , Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Gentle Man, Majnu, Nenu Local, Ninunkori, Middle Class Abbayi‘. This is a rare record for him among the heroes of his generation.

I have to say that sometimes experiments don’t quite come together. Films like ‘Paisa, Jenda Pai Kapiraju, Krishnarjuna Yuddham , V, Tuck Jagadish‘ left him disappointed. In these movies we saw a new Nani. But the audience did not like those experiments. Apart from ‘Eega‘ with Rajamouli, the natural star has not been approached by star directors till now. He has been getting super hits with young directors consecutively. Nani stands at the top of the medium range heroes in present Tollywood.However.. not working with top directors.. can be said as a reason why Nani still remains in the category of tier-2 heroes.

Nani is always busy with a series of movies regardless of season or off season. The natural star who gave continuous hits like hat-trick and double hat-trick in the past had a bad period. There were successive flops. However.. from ‘Shyam Singha Roy‘ he again followed the path of success. Nani’s performance in ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ which came in the background of rebirth got super applause. The movie ‘Ante Sundaraaniki‘ which came later also entertained the audience.

Last year’s release ‘Dasara‘ made a buzz with a brand new makeover. In this movie, Dharani is rocking with a rustic look. After ‘Dasara‘ he had another hit with ‘Hi Nanna’. ‘Hi Nanna‘ which came as a feel good romantic entertainer was also a great success. He is currently coming up with the movie ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram‘ under the production of DVV Entertainments. Nani-Vivek Atreya’s upcoming film after ‘Ante..Sundaraaniki’.

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