Nagarjuna’s next missing clarity

Akkineni Nagarjuna is one of the most prominent actors in Tollywood, who was known for his experiments back in his day, and someone who never shied away when it came to introducing new talent. While most of his experiments turned out to be grand successes back in the day, the same cannot be said of his experiments in recent years.

He hasn’t been able to deliver proper success after Bangarraju, and the saddest part is, neither did his sons. He is currently busy with a project, to be directed by Vijay Binny. There is no clarity over whether or not this film is a remake, given that there have been several confirmations of Nagarjuna working on the script of a Malayalam remake.

Considering that remakes aren’t doing well at the box office, if this film turns out to be a remake, then it could turn out to be a massive disaster for the actor. On the other hand, it is being said that Nagarjuna is planning to release this film for Sankranthi, and that Kajal Aggarwal is being considered as the leading lady for this film.

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