The Hit movie franchise, which is produced by Natural Star Nani, features two leading actors in its two chapters, Vishwak Sen in the first, and Adivi Sesh in the second. Both these films turned out to be huge hits, and the third film with Nani was even confirmed towards the end of the second film.

It was said that the third film would soon go on floors, but it now looks like the third film is shelved. This is because Nani is currently busy with Hi Nanna, and is said to have finalized a film with Vivek Athreya, to be produced by DVV Danayya, and a film with Tamil director Cibi Chakravarthi, which will be produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi.

With so many movies on his roster already, it is certain that Nani doesn’t seem to be joining the shoot of Hit 3 anytime soon. Well, with the film not confirmed as of now, it is being said that it has been shelved. However, there are always chances of the movie taking place in the near future. Let’s see.

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