Interesting developments around Skanda

Skanda, directed by Boyapati Srinu, and featuring Ram Pothineni and Sree Leela in the lead roles is all set to be released on September 15th. The trailer of the film was released recently, at the pre-release event of the film, for which Balayya was the chief guest.

The trailer turned out to be a run-of-the-mill Boyapati Srinu trailer, with nothing new to offer. As such, there is not a lot of buzz surrounding the film, which has given rise to rumors of there being a new trailer. While this is yet to be confirmed, another piece of information is doing rounds about the film.

It is being said that director Boyapati Srinu has decided to not go with premiere shows in the USA, as he wants the talk to originate from India itself. He reportedly doesn’t want to take a risk with USA premieres, for reasons only he knows, and wants to stick with the release date of September 15th.

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