The rebel star settled in London.. What is the real reason?

Our heroes are not Pan India stars anymore. They are becoming pan world stars. Rebel Star Prabhas is the leading actor in this list. Prabhas, who became the first pan India star from Telugu, has earned a good reputation in the pan world range as well, thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix. Darling has a wide fan following even abroad.

Prabhas, who was limited to Hyderabad before ‘Baahubali’, then made Mumbai his second home. Along with Hyderabad and Mumbai, London has become another obstacle for Prabhas. Prabhas, who recently spent a lot of time in London, seems to have rented a house there. He is paying rent in lakhs for that. However.. what is the special reason for Prabhas to get a house in London itself is to be known.

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