‘The Goat Life’, collected 100 crores silently

Malayalam star hero Prithviraj Sukumaran’s movie ‘The Goat Life.. Aadu Jeevitham’ released on March 28 in multiple languages ​​in pan India. ‘The Goat Life’ got good reviews in every language it was released. However, there are speculations that this critically acclaimed film may lag behind in terms of collections. But… if you see the latest ‘The Goat Life’ collections, you have to say wow.

‘The Goat Life’, a theatrical release in Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages, has collected Rs. 100 crores worldwide. Prithviraj played the role of Najeeb, a young man who left Kerala and migrated to Arab countries in the 90s in search of livelihood. He lost a lot of weight for this role. He changed his entire makeover. Prithvi Raj has shown his dedication towards a character in the role of Najeeb. That’s why.. not only the general audience but also the celebrities praised the role played by Prithviraj. Let’s see.. what kind of revenue ‘The Goat Life’ will achieve in the long run.

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