Prashant Neel meeting with NTR.. Rishabh Shetty in the middle

It is known that Young Tiger NTR.. Crazy director Prashant Neel has announced the movie in combo. The project has been named as NTR 31. This film is going to be jointly produced by NTR Arts and Mythri Movie Makers. However.. there are chances of change in NTR 31 order. Because currently NTR is doing ‘Devara 1’ as his 30th film. Then there is ‘Devara 2’. There is also ‘War 2’ in between. It is not surprising that NTR 31 is replaced to NTR 33.

Leaving aside the order of the films for a while.. Fans are interested to know that when Prashant Neel’s project with NTR is going to take off? After four years, NTR has created a buzz in Bangalore that too with Prashant Neel .NTR with family deliberately went to Bangalore to attend director Prashant Neel’s family function.The photos of Prashanth Neel and his wife giving a warm welcome to the NTR couple in this meeting are now trending on social media. On the other hand, producers Mythri Ravi and Hombale head Vijay Kirangadur were also present in this meeting. Apart from these two, ‘Kantara’ star Rishabh Shetty also made a fuss with NTR.

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