Gaami’ sensation.. 50 million streaming minutes within 72 hours

‘Gaami ‘ is a movie starring Mass Ka DasVishwak Sen in the lead role. Unlike the movies Vishwak has done so far, ‘Gaami’ has a different plot. This movie directed by Vidhyadhar Kaghya and released in theaters on March 8 and got a superb response. It is known that Zee 5 is streaming this super hit movie in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages ​​from April 12. Gaami film is getting unprecedented popularity on Zee 5.

Within 72 hours, this film has achieved 50 million streaming minutes.
Haridwar-based Aghora Shankar (Vishwak Sen) suffers from a strange problem. That’s why he doesn’t go anywhere from there. But due to some circumstances, Shankar leaves his place and goes to Kasi in search of a solution to his problem. It turns out that the place where he can find the solution to his problem is the Himalayas. There, 36-year-old Shankar sets off in search of rare Maali leaves. At the same time he meets Dr. Jahnavi.During this journey, strange thoughts and dreams come to Shankar’s mind. Uma, a Devdasi who lives in a village, sees a young man trapped in a laboratory who wants to escape. What is Shankar’s relationship with them? What is Shankar’s problem? Has Shankar found a solution to his problem? The way the director has portrayed these things is commendable.

Music by Naresh Kumar, Sweekar Agasthi and background score along with cinematography by Vishwanath Reddy and Rampi Nandigam took the film to the next range. What ever happens with good emotions? An interesting story, nice visuals are engaging all the audience and now this visual and emotional wonder is entertaining the OTT audience through Zee 5.

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