Amazon Prime Video Biggest Record

Amazon Prime Video has created a sensation. 40 web series and movies announced on the same day. It brought all the related artists and technicians on one stage. No one has ever made such an attempt in the OTT world. For the first time, so many movies and web series were announced and created a sensation. It seems that it will be premier for two years.These movies and webseries will be available in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil as well as many other Indian languages. Amazon Prime Video brings entertainment to every home with comedy, romance, sentiment, horror, thriller, action entertainers.

Prime Video India Director said, “We have decided to serve our Indian subscribers with the best entertainment.He said that Our goal is to make Amazon Prime Video the first choice for every customer’s entertainment .We are confident that our upcoming series and films will continue to impress audiences not only in India but across the globe.

Aparna, Head of Prime Video Originals, said that Amazon Prime Video is a great platform for talent and movies that showcase Indian roots and cultural traditions. In 2023 Prime Video has achieved great success with calculations.We believe that our upcoming series and films will pave the way for more compelling stories to emerge from India.

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