Akkineni Akhil in a huge Pan India movie?

Akkineni Akhil’s talent is nothing to belittle if he didn’t get the right success. Akhil is an actor who has all the qualities required of other heroes. Even though he is taking great care in his makeover for the movie, he is still faltering in the choice of stories. As a result, there is no proper hit. What movie is Akhil going to do after ‘Agent’? Who does he work with? The latest news is doing the rounds in the film circles.

Preparations are underway to make Akhil’s upcoming movie a huge Pan India film. There is a rumor that this movie will be directed by a new director named Anil Kumar. Hombale Films, the production company of the films ‘K.G.F, Salaar’, is producing this movie .Also.. Director Prashant Neel, U.V. Creations companies are also going to be partners in this project. That’s why.. Film Nagar Talk that Akhil made noise in the ‘Salaar success celebrations held recently.Overall.. Crazy update on Akhil upcoming movie coming soon.

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