Agent: Anil Sunkara’s tweet upsets Akhil and Surender Reddy

Akhil is very upset as his new film Agent has flopped big time at the box office. The film has made peanuts and is not even crossing the 10 lakhs mark at the box office in Nizam which is a shame.

Well, yesterday, Anil Sunkara openly revealed that he did a blunder by not going to shoot with a properly bounded script. By doing this, he has started the blame game on Akhil and director Surendar Reddy.

The inside info is that the star kid and Surender Reddy are upset with the producer’s remark. They feel that everyone did a collective mistake by not taking proper time to start the film.

The film has been made for 80 crores and so much is at stake. So in such a time going without preparation is a big crime. But Anil Sunkara and his tweets have created new tension among the team itself. We need to wait for Suri and Akhil’s response.

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