Varma’s ‘Your Film’ is a rare opportunity for the audience.

Unbounded way of thinking, unique personality, fondness for controversy is Ram Gopal Varma. These are the aspects that make Varma stand out from other directors. As a director, he thought very differently from his generation and made many experimental films on the silver screen. Technically, Varma’s films are very advanced. Even though the craze as a director has waned now, Ram Gopal Varma is still proving to be his equal in terms of new ideas.

Recently, Ram Gopal Varma made an announcement for the audience titled ‘Your Film’. Democracy is chosen by the people, for the people and the people, and the films made by the audience, for the audience and the audience, this is your film idea.. Varma explained in detail about his idea.
Today, Ram Gopal Varma explained the concept of ‘Your Film’ through a press meet at RGV Den. As the audience decides the hit or flop of the movie, he is giving the opportunity to the audience to choose the hero, heroine, director, cinematographer and all the technicians related to the movie.In the voting system through the RGV website, the audience will choose and the film will be shot with the leading actors. Varma announced that he will be the producer of the film and will complete it and release it in six months.

The story of the movie can be put in one or two lines on the RGV website (, actors, directors, DOP, music director who like that story line can also apply. The audience will select them who applied with interest foreach department and those whose work they like will be selected by voting method. For example, if 1000 people apply for the role of hero, 50 of them will be shortlisted by the RGV den team and put on the website, after which they will give auditions according to the tasks given by RGV. Varma said that whoever the audience likes the most in those auditions will be selected as the hero and make the film . Similarly, the heroine, directors, DOP etc. will be chosen by the audience.. And.. ‘Your Film’ is produced by RGV Den with all languages ​​regardless of language.

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