People’s Media Factory: Quantity over Quality

People’s Media Factory emerged as one of the top production houses in Tollywood within a very short span, teaming up with top actors and directors in the industry to produce movies. As such, every movie of theirs manages to create a good buzz initially but fails to become a good success at the box office.

The production house recently collaborated with Pawan Kalyan for BRO, which had very good expectations prior to its release, but turned out to be average at best upon release. The movie reportedly resulted in losses for the production house. It is now being said that the production house is facing problems with yet another film of theirs.

They are producing a film with Sharwanand in the lead role, directed by Sriram Aditya. The film is said to have been kept on hold currently, even after the latest schedule has begun in London. This is due to creative differences between Sharwanand and the director. Given that almost every movie is facing some or other problem, perhaps it is time for the production house to reflect on their choices, and prefer to make films with better quality than make more films.

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