People want ISRO to make movies!

ISRO has become the talking point of the world, after it managed to get Chandrayaan 3 to land successfully on the South Pole of the moon, making it a world achievement, given that no other country in the world has ever been able to achieve such a feat. Satellites are usually landed near the equator of the moon because it is a safer landing option, while the poles are shrouded in uncertainty due to the lack of proper sunlight and extreme temperatures. As such, India’s achievement is being heavily lauded.

After the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3, the budget spent on the satellite has become a hot topic. The cost for manufacturing and launching the satellite to the moon has been done on a budget of Rs. 615 Crores, which is far less when compared to a lot of movies that are being made in India, which are turning out to be huge disasters in turn.

As such, the people are asking ISRO to make movies, or at least for the movie producers to learn from ISRO and stop spending such extravagant amounts on making sub par movies, which is only resulting in massive losses.

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