Legal troubles follow Bollywood actor

Bollywood actors are often in the news for various reasons, both good and bad, and doesn’t matter how good they are professionally, the personal lives of actors are always intriguing, due to the fact that they are full of drama.

Now, Hrithik Roshan is filling the headlines everywhere, for being embroiled in yet another legal problem, which is because of one tweet that he made about his ex Kangana Ranaut, way back in 2014, where he said that he had a better chance of having an affair with the Pope than anyone else the media is accusing him of having an affair with.

This tweet has now backfired, with the Catholic Christian community filing a case against him for bringing the Pope into the matter and have demanded that he issue an apology to the community within the next seven days, and have said that a criminal complaint will be filed against him, if he doesn’t do so.

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