Is it time for Tollywood to notice Bollywood actresses’ ignorance?

The Telugu film industry is no stranger to hiring Bollywood actresses, who often take home large sums of money as their remuneration, but always fail to give enough importance or recognition to Telugu films, as they give to their Bollywood films.

This is something that has been evident for a long time now, with actresses always more enthusiastic about their Hindi films and aggressively promoting them, while they are more laid back and seemingly ignorant when it comes to their South films.

Having said that, this has not discouraged any filmmakers, especially in Tollywood, from hiring Bollywood actresses, with more and more Bollywood actresses now coming to Telugu, with the increasing pan-Indian culture. As such, it is important to question our filmmakers about whether it’s time for Tollywood to stop hiring Bollywood actresses, and encourage more local talent, which is rarely seen in Telugu movies, with very few Telugu heroines now present in the industry.

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