Akhil Under Rajamouli’s Supervision

Akhil has been struggling for a good hit since the beginning of his career. Only the most eligible bachelor movie seemed to be commercially okay. He had high hopes for the agent directed by Surender Reddy and even before the release of this movie he made a lot of haste. But .. The movie turned out to be a big disaster.

In fact, Akhil worked very honestly for the agentand his hard work shows on screen. But the story is very weak, he could not do anything. After this movie, he took time for another project and said OK for the film with a new debut director Anil.

Before the agent, there were rumors that UV Creations banner was ready to budget upto one hundred crores for this film. But the result of the agent movie changed the makers to complete it within a limited budget . Moreover, the story and the director have also changed for this film.

So on the request of UV Creations Rajamouli entered the field and supervising the addition of changes in the script. If Jakkanna is not available… his son Karthikeya is also helping the script to get better.

Rajamouli’s suggestions mean that one can make sure predictions. If he tweets before the release of the movie, it will be a problem. If changes are made in the script before the release, it will definitely turn out to be the best output. Let’s wish it to change.

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