‘Tillu Square’ Team Did Injustice To Sri Satya?

Directors shoot a few hours of footage for a two-and-a-half-hour film. Therefore, they are confused as to which scenes will be included in the final output. Even the scenes of some actors are flying in this one. Latest ‘Bigg Boss’ beauty Sree satya had a similar experience with ‘Tillu Square’.

Before going to ‘Bigg Boss’, Sri Satya, who was not known much.. as a beautiful girl in that house.. impresses with her dynamism. After coming out of ‘Bigg Boss’, she has been choosing the roles she likes in web series and movies. Tillu Square is also in this list. Sri Satya has said in many interviews that she is playing a prominent role in ‘Tillu Square’. But after the final release of the film, it seems that her entire role has been cut. Just a little sparkle in a song that’s all. Overall.. Netizens are commenting that ‘Tillu Square’ team has done injustice to Ms. Sathya in this matter.

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