The title of the film produced by Niharika is ‘Committee Kurrollu’

The title of ‘Committee Kurrollu’ has been fixed for the first film produced by Niharika Konidela. The team has released a special video fixing the title ‘Committee Kurrollu’ for this movie which is being produced under the banners of Pink Elephant Pictures LLP and Sriradha Damodhar Studios. Yadu Vamsi is directing this film introducing 11 heroes and 4 heroines.Supreme hero Sai Durga Tej released the title poster of this movie on the occasion of Ugadi and congratulated the film unit.

On this occasion, producer Niharika Konidela said, ‘The first film made under our Pink Elephant Pictures banner is Kurrollu by Committee. We have released the title poster on the occasion of Ugadi. Thanks to hero Sai Durga Teja for releasing the poster.And very happy happy to produce this movie together with Sriradha Damodhar Studios. We feel it is a big responsibility to make a film with so many new people. We gave the title of the movie as ‘Committee Kurrollu’.You have to watch the movie to see why such a title was given. Yadu Vamsigaru is debuting as a director with this film. We think everyone will like it for sure.

Film director Yadu Vamsi said, ‘Thanks to Sai Durga Tej who released the title poster. We are making the film ‘Committee Kurrollu ‘under the banners of Pink Elephant Pictures and Sriradha Damodhar Studios. It is a pleasure to do this film with new people. In this we are introducing 11 heroes and 4 heroines. I believe that I will sustain the opportunity given to me and the shooting is over.

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