The title of Gopichand-Srinu Vaitla’s movie is ‘Vishwam’

It is known that a movie is being made in the combination of macho star Gopichand and senior director Srinu Vaitla. So far Gopichand has 32 working titles for this movie, the powerful title of ‘Vishwam’ has been fixed. People Media Factory and Chitralayam Studios have released special glimpses from ‘Vishwam’, jointly produced by TG Vishwaprasad and Venu Donepudi under the banner of ‘First Strike’.

As far as these glimpses are concerned.. Gopichand has entered a stylish look holding a gun in a place like Kashmir. While the title song composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj is playing in the background, these glimpses show the hero defeating the terrorists who are in the rush of a function. At the end, the name of the eater is written on each grain of rice.

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