Supreme Hero Changed His Name Again

Saidharam Tej made a special name for himself in the film industry during his time with the support of his uncles. Megastar Chiranjeevi earned the tag of Supreme Hero in his early days. After recovering from an accident, Saidharam Tej, who has two good hits like ‘Virupaksha and Bro’, acted in a concept film called ‘Satya’.He is bringing the concept film ‘Satya’, which has already received many international awards, to the audience soon.

Saidharam Tej recently attended the special screening of ‘Satya’. On this occasion, he announced that he is going to make new changes in his name. Initially Saidharam Tej changed his name to Saitej. Henceforth he is adding his mother’s name Durga in his name. The supreme hero explained that his name was ‘Sai Durga Tej’.

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