Sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Biography

Ram Gopal Varma .. This name is path breaking for Indian cinema. Indian cinema has not seen a person like Varma as a film maker before.. and do not believe that it will see again. In the beginning, he seemed to be amazingly talented, but now he is making films that make you wonder that is he the same Varma. There is no one better than Varma in making him feel like the king of controversies and talking about whatever comes to his mouth.Today (April 7) is Ram Gopal Varma’s birthday.

Ram Gopal Varma’s family is also a film family. Varma’s father’s name was Krishnamraj. He was a sound recordist at that time. Varma graduated from Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada. But his ambition is to become a film technician. When there was still time for that, he set up a video parlor in Hyderabad itself. He approached the Annapurna organization very tactically. His friendship with Yarlagadda Surendra made him assistant director for ‘Raogarillu’.Although he did not work as an assistant for a long time, he became the director of the movie ‘Shiva’, which changed the course of Telugu cinema in a very short time.

Ram Gopal Varma has been sensational since his entry into the industry. Varma is a bit ahead of Telugu cinema. That is his success and that is his failure. Varma has a history of proudly flying the banner of Telugu cinema fame in Bollywood as well. Varma is a kick for Telugu cinema. Lucky for the Telugu audience. No matter how many disaster movies he has made, there are still many viewers who do not lose their admiration for him. That is also Varma’s luck.

Not Telugu.. When talking about the history of Indian cinema, it is not complete without mentioning about ‘Shiva’. Don’t know how many people wanted to become directors after this movie. The number of Ekalavya disciples is innumerable than those who have done discipleship. Since then, for almost a decade, whatever Ram Gopal Varma did or showed became a sensation.

Varma introduced gangster movies to Bollywood, which had a stereo type of regular family dramas. Because of the slogans created by him saying ‘Satya, Company’, even Bollywood changed its course and got into Varma’s route. Director Varma loved the movie immensely. Varma doesn’t seem to have the surrender ethos common in the industry. That’s why he stays away from star movies.That is only in Telugu. He has worked with everyone in Bollywood including Amitabh, Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan. Varma got a chance to do a film with Chiranjeevi in ​​Telugu. But the project was stopped only because of him. Only one song remains as a sweet mark.

The movie ‘Shiva’ broke records with undivided talk. People misunderstood that Varma will make a huge action movie. Many of the audience who have seen ‘Shiva’ do not even know about Varma. In such circumstances, his next venture is ‘Kshana Kshanam’. He released it starring with Venkatesh and Sridevi. People say that ‘Kshana Kshanam’ is not in ‘Shiva’ range and Varma replied that every movie does not need to be the same.
As Varma has always said, he never bothers with the same type of movies regularly. Moreover, he wanted to show his favorite movies to the audience. In it, after ‘Shiva’, he troubled the audience who expected more than that level by saying ‘Raatri, Antham, Drohi, Govinda Govinda’. Butt proved himself again with the movie ‘Gaayam’. The special thing is that the films inspired by realistic incidents were liked by the audience immensely.

Varma saw a series of flops after ‘Shiva’. At the same time, he provided the screenplay for the movie ‘Donga Donga’ as a production partner with Mani Ratnam, who was the co-producer of the movie ‘Gaayam’. Later he shook Bollywood once again with ‘Rangeela’. He made Urmila an overnight star heroine. Then he changed the way of Bollywood with the movie ‘Satya’. ‘Satya’ was an extraordinary success with ordinary actors. It is no exaggeration to say that Bollywood’s style of making has completely changed with ‘Satya’.
Ram Gopal Varma thinks differently from what common people think. He has a different taste. Varma’s theory is that even if it is a commercial film, it should be realistic. Because that theory is strong… his films are run in different genre. While feeling realistic…making new things understandable is Varma’s style. Varma has a bold sense of humor as he regularly hangs around ghost mafias. All the visible comedy seen in movies like ‘Money , Money Money, Anagagana Oka Roju’ is created by Varma.

Everyone understood very quickly that Varma is not the type to think that the hit should be maintained.. The flop should not be repeated. But because of his capability, no film seems to be a commercial loss. He has done some films as a producer. He introduced his disciples as director with some more films. But.. After ‘Satya’ he again caused trouble with some very average movies.
After a series of flops, he once again took out gangster stories from his script portfolio. He received blockbusters once again with ‘Company, D, Sarkar’. All these are gangster type stories but the reason why they stand out is Varma’s take. Varma’s command over making is unmatched by any other director. It is his own talent. But all these films were inspired by Varma’s Hollywood ‘Godfather’.
Varma seems to be practicing what Sri Krishna said in the Gita. He believes that he has power only until the film is made but not on its success. Every movie that Varma has done makes this very clear. He takes what he feels. He does not make a phase in this matter. If people see it after taking it, they will think that they are lucky. If they don’t see it, he won’t l curse them. That’s why he was able to make films like ‘Appalaraju, Dongala Mutha’.

Varma also knows how to force others to understand what he doesn’t like and what bothers him. There are few people who have discussed the complexity of the system as extensively and forcefully as Varma. ‘Raktha Charitra’, a film shot in the backdrop of the Mumbai terror attacks, all these show the thinker in Varma. It is a bit difficult to argue with Varma. It is not so easy to win him in an argument. The reason is that he prepares for everything.
Not only Mafia…Varma also made successful films by analyzing the ideas of terrorism. The script is based on the mindset of those who participated in the Mumbai attacks. As per the government’s argument, the film should open from the side of those who were injured in the terrorist attack as a general. But Varma’s movie runs in reverse. It is a process of narrative. Although somewhat independent in the sense that what is seen by the eyes may not be the reality but Varma’s film was liked by the people.

It is better not to talk about Varma’s recent films. If anyone ask Varma that why did you make this movie like this? He simply says that’s his wish and also he says that he don’t know why that movie became a hit. Can’t beat Verma in arguments.. That’s because he is a great scholar. Being a person with a lot of social awareness. But once in a while he looks like an intelligent fool. But everyone likes Varma.

Regardless of win and fails, Varma has influenced many young directors with his films. And.. Krishnavamshi, Gunasekhar, Teja, Puri Jagannath who have already come from Varma compound have proved themselves as top directors in the Telugu film industry. Apart from them.. there are many directors in Bollywood too.. who have come from Varma school.
‘Think outside the box’ is the formula of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. His theory is to think new about anything. That made him a source of controversy. But.. now Ram Gopal Varma has become a care off address for the controversial but.. when will Varma’s movie come? What technique did Ramu use in it? How did he run the story? Movie fans were eagerly waiting for such topics . Still there is nothing for the fans who are eagerly waiting for Ram Gopal Varma’s movie. Fans who have been watching Varma’s choice of films for several years are in deep disappointment. Want Ram Gopal Varma to return to his former glory..Telugu 70MM wishing a happy birthday to this sensational director .

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