Ram Gopal Varma With ‘Vyuham’ Censor Certificate

Ram Gopal Varma was once seen as the epitome of creativity. Varma is credited with leaving Tollywood and turning the wheel in Bollywood. Ram Gopal Varma, who produced films in a factory manner, trained many disciples and provided them to the industry. Such a Varma has now become the center of controversy. Criticism that Ram Gopal Varma is blowing the horn of a political party has been heard since many years. Recently, Varma’s ‘Vyuham’ series faced censor hurdles.

However.. the latest two films in the ‘Vyuham’ series ‘Vyuham, Saphatham’ are releasing in the gap of a week. The first part of these films, ‘Vyuham’, which is based on some events that happened in the political life of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan, is slated for release on March 2. Preparations are underway to release the film in around 500 theatres. Varma made a tweet on this occasion showing the certificate issued by the Central Censor Board.

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