Rajamouli’s interesting comments about Mahesh’s movie

Not only the Telugu people but all movie lovers are eagerly waiting for Rajamouli’s movie with Mahesh Babu. Director Rajamouli has shared many interesting details regarding Mahesh’s movie which has not officially celebrated its muhurth yet.

Jakkanna, who is currently touring in Japan, shared some things with the fans there about Mahesh Babu’s movie along with ‘R.R.R’. Jakkanna explained to the Japanese fans that even if none of the other castings for his next film is final, the hero is fixed.. His name is Mahesh Babu. He assured the Japanese audience that Mahesh Babu will be very handsome.. He will finish the film very soon and bring him to you.

n his speech to the Japanese audience, Mahesh Babu explained that the entire script has been completed for the movie. He told them that he is preparing to complete this film much faster than his previous films. Overall.. It is said that Rajamouli is getting ready with side planning for Mahesh Babu.
On the other hand, Rajamouli specifically tweeted about an 83-year-old fan in Japan. Rajamouli tweeted the photos of her meeting him saying that she was a huge fan of ‘RRR’. She came to meet him in thousands of people.

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