Rajamouli revealed the original story of RRR..

Director Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘R.R.R’ has created an international sensation. Along with state and national awards, ‘RRR’ has won many prestigious awards at the international level. Somehow Rajamouli, who got a pan India hit with ‘Baahubali’.. ‘R.R.R’ brought international recognition.

Internationally celebrities from all walks of life have stepped to the ‘Naatu Naatu’ song of this film.
Rajamouli’s interesting comments about R.R.R., which collected Rs. 1236 crores at the worldwide box office, are now going viral on social media. British actress Olivia Morris played the role of Jenny opposite NTR in this movie. Earlier another British actress Daisy Edgar Jones was considered for the role. Olivia was then made the final.

And.. NTR and Olivia’s chemistry worked out well on screen. The pain she showed on screen in the scenes where her uncle and aunty are in trouble for the role of Bheem played by NTR is indescribable. However, in the original version, the character of Jenny played by Olivia dies.

In the climax episode of the original ‘R.R.R’, Governor Scott.. puts a gun on Jenny to catch Bheem.. Bheem does not surrender and shoots her. But.. that much not workout? So Jakanna changed the climax after that. A video of Rajamouli saying the same thing is now doing the rounds.

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