On The Occasion Of Surekha’s Birthday, ‘Athamma’s Kitchen’ Was Inaugurated.

Upasana is redefining the relationship of mother-in-laws. Upasana is being done so that everyone knows the taste of Attamma’s dishes. Upasana started a food business named Attamma Kitchen to show everyone the taste of her mother-in-law Surekha Konidela’s cooking. They started this on the occasion of Surekha Konidela’s birthday.

Surekha used to prepare many kinds of dishes so that Chiranjeevi could eat delicious meals even in her busy schedule. Upasana aims to share Konidela recipes with everyone through “Athamma’s Kitchen”.

Upasana Konidela used her entrepreneurial skills and was instrumental in creating this venture. Upasana’s association with his mother-in-law, the deep bond and respect she shares with her, is also a declaration of this innovative business model. Upasana wishes to uphold “Grandma’s Kitchen” as a symbol of tradition and love.

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