NTR Leaks About Devara

Young Tiger NTR is ready to do anything for the people he likes. He recently attended the ‘Tillu Square’ success celebrations. In this ceremony, Tarak Tillu Boy Siddhu lifted Jonnalagadda into the sky with his appreciations . He said that he was impressed with the immersive approach to the role of DJ Tillu. Moreover.. Tarak said that he looks different outside comparing to onscreen.

NTR, who praised ‘Tillu Square’, shared some interesting details about ‘Devara’ during his work. NTR, who never likes to give leaks about his film, this time he gave surprising updates to the fans about ‘Devara’. ‘It’s okay if it seems a bit excessive but.. I’m telling you with confidence, after watching ‘Devara’, all my fans will raise their collars and whistle.Also.. the whole background of the movie ‘Devara’ is about fear.. He said that we are going to show the point of how to deal with it in this movie.

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