Is ‘Jai Hanuman’ getting too late?

After ‘Hanuman’ became a blockbuster, the expectations for the sequel ‘Jai Hanuman’ have increased. Director Prashant Varma is currently completing the pre-production work for this film. It was announced at the end of the first part that this movie will be released in 2025. However.. looking at the current commitments of Prashant Varma.. it sounds like ‘Jai Hanuman’ will be difficult to release in 2025.

Along with ‘Hanuman’, Prashanth Varma started the movie ‘Octopus’ with Anupama Parameswaran in the lead role. The half part shooting of this film is completed. Apart from this.. Prashant Varma is preparing to make a film with Ranveer Singh as the hero under the production of Mythri Movie Makers. In this case, there will be a campaign that ‘Jai Hanuman’ will start after the films of Anupama Parameswaran and Ranveer Singh. However.. Prashanth Varma has to give clarity on his movies order.

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