Glimpses Of Action Are Ready From ‘Saripodha Sanivaaram’

Natural Star Nani is a care of address for natural acting. Even though Nani has all the elements in the movies he has done so far, he gives more priority to acting. However, action sequences are given more priority in the upcoming movie ‘Saripoda Satyabha’. Hero Nani and director Vivek Athreya’s previous film ‘Ante.. Sundaraaniki’ was a complete entertainer. This time with the movie ‘Saripoda Sanivaaram’, along with entertainment, action Treat is also going to be provided.

Special action Glimpses from ‘Saripoda Sanivaaram’ will be coming on February 24th on the occasion of Nani’s birthday. Production company D.V.V. Entertainments has released a special poster saying that you want to see him with powerful lyrics like ‘Idumudi Shrinkhala Vichchedi.. Sidimudi Vidya Udreki.. Nakhamukha Jwala Keeladri.. Sisha Satya Samavarthi..’. Special Birthday Glimpses are being released from ‘Saripoda Sanivaaram’ at 11:59 am this Saturday.

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