Without Anushka, can her film perform?

Anushka Shetty enjoys a position that no other actress enjoys, in the Telugu states, and in Telugu cinema, where audiences love her, and just her name is enough to bring in numbers at the theatres.

No other actress has been able to beat her records when it comes to the performance of films at the box office.

As such, it is interesting to see that her upcoming film, Miss Shetty Mister Polishetty doesn’t have a lot of buzz going on for it. The film features Naveen Polishetty alongside Anushka in the lead role, and Naveen has been promoting the film quite extensively everywhere, trying to bring to the film his own charm.

Despite his efforts, Naveen doesn’t seem to be able to increase the hype surrounding the film, which has got everyone wondering if the film would not be able to perform well at the theatres if Anushka doesn’t promote the film.

There is no information regarding whether or not she would be promoting the film, but it is safe to say that without her participation in the promotions, it is highly unlikely for the film to perform well at the box office.

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